Skatepark History Project

Skatepark History Project — under construction

The Skatepark History Project is a collaborative endeavor between the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation, historian and author Craig Snyder, and the community at large. Its goal is to create a definitive record of the skateboarding facilities, both public and private, that were built during the skatepark era of the 1970s.

Be a contributor!

In his book, A Secret History of the Ollie (Black Salt Press, 2015), Craig Snyder has complied a list of all known skateparks from the 1970s. This list has become the backbone and inspiration for this project. In the coming months, this list of parks will be published here with other complied data and info that was not included in Craig Snyder’s book. You are invited to participate in this project and help preserve the memory of these skateparks. Corrections, additions, memories, stories, as well as photos, news clippings, stickers, skatepark I.D. cards, and the like, are all welcome.

What can’t be preserved in concrete, can be preserved in memory. With your help, this preservation project may also evolve into a coffee table book that can be enjoyed by those who rode some of these sacred, insane, and profane parks, and shared with those who never got to experience them before their untimely demise.

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